As your brand custodian and merchandise consultant, we invest in sourcing the products that fit your needs. And if we can’t, we create it just for you! A dedicated account services manager will pilot you through the process of procurement, order process, order and assist with all your queries. With our global sourcing network, we keep you ahead of the curve with products that are on-trend, on point and in time!

  • Vocal for Local

    It is popularly said that a leader grows by helping others and Fabuleux has a firm belief in the term ‘support’. With every hamper that we create, our motto is to promote home-grown brands and become the voice for local brands. This way, we consequently generate employment opportunities.

  • Tailor-Made Gifting

    There is a noble cause and a feeling of generosity that we tag along with our gifts. These tailor-made gift hampers bring happiness and joy not only to you but also to the people working for it. When you buy from us, you are contributing to the wealth of the needy.

  • Promoting Home-Grown Brands

    India is a hub of innumerable unveiled talents. With Fabuleux, we try to acquaint people with these artisans and help their art be seen and known to the masses. Having said that, we ensure that all our gift hampers and the contents they hold are made in India.

  • Branding & Personalization

    Branding and personalization are the two balances of a weight. Fabuleux steps up by fabricating the vision & mission of the brand with a hint of personalization. We involve a vision and a thought in each hamper. Thereby, scouting an artisanal and contemplative gift that boasts of your brand.

  • Uncompromising Quality

    An underlining principle at Fabuluex is to bestow an uncompromised quality product. We are persuaded by the thought of forming a lasting alliance. As a gifting venture, we value relations thus, hone in on furnishing notable gifts that eventuate in creating stronger bonds.

  • Logistically Driven

    Fabuleux’s work model lies upon drop shipping. All our customers collect their hampers within 2-4 weeks from the order date. We navigate the hampers carefully surging onto product security.